Audience Reactions

Student Testimonials

    • It was a JOY having you guys come to our school. I loved how you pulled people out of the audience. THANK U! The school should arrange people to come and do that again cause I thought that was cool and we had lots of fun going up in front of all the Grades 7, 8 and 9 students.
      Grade 7 student
    • What worked really well was everything! You guys worked together to show us how to stop bullying and peer pressure.
      Grade 7 student
    • I liked it when the actors came to our class and we got to play games and act and stuff.
      Grade 7 student
    • Everything went well … it was AWESOME !!! The play was really good and lots of people learned a great, valuable lesson.
      Grade 7 student
    • My thoughts of this morning were – I liked the play and story line. With the one girl being bullied throughout the story and then at the end, everyone’s thoughts change about her.
      Grade 8 student
    • The play was about bullying and issues that happen in school like peer pressure, teasing and bullying. It showed us that we should be nice to everyone no matter what their appearance is. I found this play educational and inspirational.
      Grade 8 student
    • “In True Pirate Fashion” was a good play. It shows the worldviews of bullies, bystanders and the bullied. It described the importance of individuals. It also explains what happens in the real world. This is a great play to influence people to push through hardships, say “no” to cigarettes, and just be happy.
      Grade 8 student

Teacher and Facilitator Comments

    • Kompany Family Theatre related real life situations in an energy filled, well presented and clearly communicated fashion, as advertized! I was distinctly impressed with their questioning and discussion skills as they led our students through a dialogue about the theme of this presentation. “In True Pirate Fashion” was a kick-off presentation for our Safe and Caring Schools action plan, and it was indeed a great way to inspire the students to really think about the issues around ‘Bullying’ and ‘Positive Peer Relations’.
      James M. Fraser, Principal
      St. Marguerite Catholic School
    • A highly engaging and meaningful learning experience for our adolescents! Small group follow up discussion was an excellent way to reinforce the key messages and life skills throughout the play.
      Greystone Centennial Middle School
    • I absolutely recommend this production to schools. It’s a great compliment to Expecting Respect and would also be a great compliment to the bullying prevention happening in schools.
      Christine Harcourt, Project Coordinator
      Respect Education: Violence and Abuse Prevention with the Canadian Red Cross
    • We teach about healthy relationships, tobacco, alcohol and bullying, and all of those topics are touched on in In True Pirate Fashion in a way kids can really understand and apply to their own lives.
      Expecting Respect Facilitator
    • I appreciate how it brings up the focus on respect as a universal filter for making health decisions plus has scenes with each of the health topics we focused on – preventing bullying, tobacco, alcohol and drugs and healthy relationships. It was a positive, dynamic way to further the junior high student’s discussion and thoughts about these choices.
      Z’Anne Harvey-Jansen, B.Sc. (Psych), MSc. (Family Life Education)
      Prevention Addictions Counsellor
      Community Youth Services
      Addiction and Mental Health – Edmonton Zone
    • As a representative of the Expecting Respect Program, I recommended supporting this Theatre Troupe as they have consistently provided the Expecting Respect program with high quality performances for the past 4 years. The play “In True Pirate Fashion” is an ER product that has been custom written and designed for Expecting Respect and addresses the themes that the students explore during this training event. The theatre troupe has added a great deal of value to the ER Training program and has been very successful with the youth as they very much enjoy participatory theatre.
      This troupe offers strong actors who are very skilled in engaging youth. An added feature has been the debriefing of the play by the actors, which assists the youth in further exploring the presented issues during this play.
      Helmi McHenry, B.S.W. R.S.W
      Community Services, City of Edmonton
  • On behalf of Edmonton Catholic Schools, I would like to extend thanks to the Kompany Family Theatre for giving Junior High students in our district the opportunity to participate in the “True Pirate Fashion” skit and follow-up activities. The professionalism and true enthusiasm of the actors was exceptional. The actors took the opportunity to interact with the students through group activities. Their ability to relate to the students was outstanding. As I observed the various groups interact with each other, the actors provided positive role models to the students and were very knowledgeable in their area.
    The feedback that I received from the students was very positive. Some of the comments made by the students about the theatre company were:
    “I really enjoyed the play because it summarized what I learned today”.
    “The actors were very approachable and honest in their responses to us”.
    “I could really relate to the actors in the play and what they were feeling”
    “The actors could really understand how we felt”.
    We had over 100 students that were able to participate in this valuable experience and we look forward to working with the Kompany Family Theatre in the future.
    Cheryl Shinkaruk, Edmonton Catholic Schools
    AISI Wellness / Physical Education / Health Consultant

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